a. tan

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tan1 (tæn)
1.  the brown colour produced by the skin after intensive exposure to ultraviolet rays, esp those of the sun
2.  a light or moderate yellowish-brown colour
3.  short for tanbark
vb , tans, tanning, tanned
4.  to go brown or cause to go brown after exposure to ultraviolet rays: she tans easily
5.  to convert (a skin or hide) into leather by treating it with a tanning agent, such as vegetable tannins, chromium salts, fish oils, or formaldehyde
6.  slang (tr) to beat or flog
adj , tans, tanning, tanned, tanner, tannest
7.  of the colour tan: tan gloves
8.  used in or relating to tanning
[Old English tannian (unattested as infinitive, attested as getanned, past participle), from Medieval Latin tannāre, from tannum tanbark, perhaps of Celtic origin; compare Irish tana thin]

tan2 (tæn)
abbreviation for
tangent (sense 2)

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Word Origin & History

late O.E. tannian "to convert hide into leather" (by steeping it in tannin), from M.L. tannare "tan, dye, a tawny color" (c.900), from tannum "crushed oak bark," used in tanning leather, probably from a Celtic source (e.g. Breton tann "oak tree"). The meaning "make brown by exposure to the sun" first
recorded 1530. To tan (someone's) hide in the figurative sense is from 1670. The adj. tan "of the color of tanned leather" is recorded from 1665; the noun sense of "bronze color imparted to skin by exposure to sun" is from 1749; as a simple name for a brownish color, in any context, it is recorded from 1888.
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