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acct. A.C.T.
act AC-T
a.c. .ac.at
acct °C-ute
a c u °c-ute
a c p Act.
a c s ACT
a c v Act
a f t 2C-T
a m t A.c.
a s t ∂T
a.c.p AACT
a.c.s ACCT
a.c.v ACTT
a.f.t ARCT
a.m.t Ac!d
a.s.t Acat
g c t Aect
g.c.t A-40T
o j t A Jet
o.j.t Arcot
a.t. S.Ct.
acta 2ct7
acto AC 3
a. c. AC-1
a. t. AC-2
agt. AC-3
ect- AC30
oct- ACTU
oct. Ac97
a c Acta
a t Acte
a-c Ṛc
a.c €C
a.t Act 1
a/c Act 2
a1c Act-3
ac- Æcæ
acute Ḥet
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