Classical Mythology. the shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena, bearing at its center the head of the Gorgon.
protection; support: under the imperial aegis.
sponsorship; auspices: a debate under the aegis of the League of Women Voters.
Also, egis.

1695–1705; < Latin < Greek aigís shield of Zeus or Athena, probably from aig- (stem of aíx goat) + -is noun suffix, from a type of shield made of goatskin

3. patronage. Unabridged
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aegis or sometimes (US) egis (ˈiːdʒɪs)
1.  sponsorship or protection; auspices (esp in the phrase under the aegis of)
2.  Greek myth the shield of Zeus, often represented in art as a goatskin
[C18: from Latin, from Greek aigis shield of Zeus, perhaps related to aig-, stem of aix goat]
egis or sometimes (US) egis
[C18: from Latin, from Greek aigis shield of Zeus, perhaps related to aig-, stem of aix goat]

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Word Origin & History

"protection," 1793, from L. ægis, from Gk. Aigis, the shield of Zeus, said by Herodotus to be related to aix (gen. aigos) "goat," from PIE *aig- "goat" (cf. Skt. ajah, Lith. ozys "he-goat"), as the shield was of goatskin. Athene's aigis was a short goat-skin cloak, covered with scales, set with
a gorgon's head, and fringed with snakes.
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AEGIS definition

operating system
A Unix variant that was used on Apollo workstations before Apollo was bought by Hewlett Packard. AEGIS has some advantages over standard BSD or System V Unix. It includes faster file access and a richer command set; there are commands to find out which process is running on a particular node, which process is locking a particular file, etc.

Aegis definition

programming, tool
A CASE tool for project change management written by Peter Miller, with minor contributions by a few others. Aegis is licensed using the GNU GPL but is not a GNU project.
Aegis Home (
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Abbreviations & Acronyms
AIDS Education Global Information System
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Example sentences
If you can't avoid them, the most direct form of protection is to put yourself
  under the aegis of someone the bully does fear.
Under her aegis, property taxes have risen steadily.
Under the aegis of global warming.
There's a huge array of smaller programs underneath Falcon's aegis.
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