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the Sumerian god of heaven: the counterpart of the Akkadian Anu. Unabridged
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an1 (æn, (unstressed) ən)
a form of the indefinite article used before an initial vowel sound: an old car; an elf; an honour
usage  An was formerly often used before words that begin with h and are unstressed on the first syllable: an hotel; an historic meeting. Sometimes the initial h was not pronounced. This usage is now becoming obsolete

an or an'2 (æn, (unstressed) ən, æn, (unstressed) ən)
(subordinating) an obsolete or dialect word for if See and
an' or an'2

the internet domain name for
Netherlands Antilles

An1 (ɑːn)
myth Babylonian counterpart: Anu the Sumerian sky god

the chemical symbol for

abbreviation for

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Word Origin & History

indefinite article, 12c., from O.E. an (with a long vowel) "one, lone," also used as a prefix an- "single, lone;" see one for the divergence of that word from this. Also see a, of which this is the older, fuller form. In other European languages, identity between indefinite
article and the word for "one" remains explicit (e.g. Fr. un, Ger. ein, etc.) O.E. got by without indefinite articles: He was a good man in O.E. was he wæs god man. Circa 15c., a and an commonly were written as one word with the following noun, which contributed to the confusion over how such words as newt and umpire ought to be divided (see N). In Shakespeare, etc., an sometimes is a contraction of as if (a usage first attested c.1300), especially before it.
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ANS definition

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