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Did you mean aphid (in dictionary) or APHE (in reference)?
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ophite Apet
aet AFET
aph Japhet
aphetic Aphek
avert Ashet
apt Aphid
aft Ophite
apart Phaet
aport AFTE
apter AJET
after Ahmet
aph. Ajet
phat Aphr
phot AET
abet Aht
acet Aph
aped Aphetic
appt Aveta
afft OFET
phyte PHT
tophet Apate
aahed Apt
ached Aphaea
aphis A Jet
arhat Aft
armet Archet
asset Avt
ephes APFT
ate APhA
eft Arphid
sp ht EPHE
a f t Iphito
a.f.t Iphoto
afoot Phat
ephod Phit
-phyte Phot
aet. Phut
art WPHT
aest ACET
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