inclined; disposed; given; prone: too apt to slander others.
likely: Am I apt to find him at home?
unusually intelligent; able to learn quickly and easily: an apt pupil.
suited to the purpose or occasion; appropriate: an apt metaphor; a few apt remarks on world peace.
Archaic. prepared; ready; willing.

1350–1400; Middle English (< Anglo-French) < Latin aptus fastened, fitted, fitting, appropriate, equivalent to ap- fasten, attach + -tus past participle suffix

aptly, adverb
aptness, noun
overapt, adjective
overaptly, adverb
overaptness, noun

apt, likely (see synonym study at the current entry)(see usage note at likely).

1. liable. 2. See likely. 3. clever, bright; adaptable; handy, adroit, dexterous, skillful. 4. fitting, meet, germane, felicitous. Apt, pertinent, relevant all refer to something suitable or fitting. Apt means to the point and particularly appropriate: an apt comment. Pertinent means pertaining to the matter in hand: a pertinent remark. Relevant means directly related to and important to the subject: a relevant opinion.

Some usage guides insist that apt followed by an infinitive can or should be used to mean only “inclined, disposed”: He is apt to ignore matters he regards as unimportant. In fact, apt is standard in all varieties of speech and writing as a synonym for likely in contexts that suggest probability without any implication of a natural disposition toward: Hostilities are apt to break out if the confrontation is not soon resolved. She is apt to arrive almost any time now. See also liable.
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apt (æpt)
1.  suitable for the circumstance or purpose; appropriate
2.  (postpositive; foll by an infinitive) having a tendency (to behave as specified)
3.  having the ability to learn and understand easily; clever (esp in the phrase an apt pupil)
[C14: from Latin aptus fitting, suitable, from apere to fasten]

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Word Origin & History

late 14c., "suited, fitted, adapted," from L. aptus "fit, suited," pp. of *apere "to attach, join, tie to," from PIE base *ap- "to grasp, take, reach" (cf. Skt. apnoti "he reaches," L. apisci "to reach after, attain," Hitt. epmi "I seize"). Elliptical sense of "becoming, appropriate" is from 1560s; sense
of "habitually liable" is from 1520s.
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  1. admissions per thousand

  2. advanced personnel testing

  3. apartment

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Example sentences
The combination of aptness and familiarity means that clichés are constantly
  occurring to a writer.
Some pseudo-events cease to be pseudo because of their sheer aptness for the
It is a simple trick, yet there has never been a more reliable gauge of a
  name's awfulness or aptness.
The writer simply finds himself enthralled with the beauty and perfect aptness
  of an expression or a thought that is not his own.
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