Agent X Word: Crossword Solver with Hints

New Crossword Solver app for the iPhone and iPod touch
Need a crossword clue investigated? Put's Agent X Word on the case. Get answers and hints for more than two million crossword clues. Available now in the iTunes App Store.
Answers and hints for more than two million crossword clues
Up to three hints per answer
Definitions for answers and synonyms
Recent search history
Compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
Internet connection required
Every day, tens of thousands of people use for help solving their crossword puzzles. Agent X Word collects the clues people are searching and goes undercover to reveal the answers.
Most other crossword solvers rely on pattern searching, taking the letters already known in an answer and providing a list of words that match that pattern. Agent X Word doesn’t need to know which letters are already known – just the clue!
Not sure you want the answer revealed right away? Agent X Word can also share hints to help you solve the puzzle on your own.
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