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[en-doo r-ing, -dyoo r-] /ɛnˈdʊər ɪŋ, -ˈdyʊər-/
lasting; permanent:
a poet of enduring greatness.
patient; long-suffering.
Origin of enduring
1525-35; endure + -ing2
Related forms
enduringly, adverb
enduringness, noun
nonenduring, adjective
unenduring, adjective
unenduringly, adverb


[en-doo r, -dyoo r] /ɛnˈdʊər, -ˈdyʊər/
verb (used with object), endured, enduring.
to hold out against; sustain without impairment or yielding; undergo:
to endure great financial pressures with equanimity.
to bear without resistance or with patience; tolerate:
I cannot endure your insults any longer.
to admit of; allow; bear:
His poetry is such that it will not endure a superficial reading.
verb (used without object), endured, enduring.
to continue to exist; last:
These words will endure as long as people live who love freedom.
to support adverse force or influence of any kind; suffer without yielding; suffer patiently:
Even in the darkest ages humanity has endured.
to have or gain continued or lasting acknowledgment or recognition, as of worth, merit or greatness:
His plays have endured for more than three centuries.
1275-1325; Middle English enduren < Anglo-French, Old French endurer < Latin indūrāre to harden, make lasting, equivalent to in- in-2 + dūrāre to last, be or become hard, derivative of dūrus hard
Related forms
endurer, noun
unendured, adjective
2. stand, support, suffer, brook. See bear1 . 4. abide. See continue.
4. fail, die. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for enduring
  • Plenty of them are leaving town, wanting as much space as possible from the ghosts and the day's enduring grasp.
  • But not usually a steep drop, and not always an enduring one.
  • Photos from our reporter reveal a unique culture enduring amid the destruction of the oil spill.
  • Even some blind people are sensitive to light when enduring a migraine.
  • Special exhibitions feature renowned regional and national artists and explore issues of enduring interest.
  • Gathering a big group of friends for a casual open house is one of the season's enduring pleasures.
  • Your soul is slowly shriveling while enduring the second work meeting of the day.
  • And, enduring cold water on one's hands is not a real experiment.
  • It was a world characterized by enduring ties of blood, marriage and political kinship.
  • It will become an enduring origin story in the annals of science, and it may even be true.
British Dictionary definitions for enduring


permanent; lasting
having forbearance; long-suffering
Derived Forms
enduringly, adverb
enduringness, noun


to undergo (hardship, strain, privation, etc) without yielding; bear
(transitive) to permit or tolerate
(intransitive) to last or continue to exist
Derived Forms
endurable, adjective
endurability, endurableness, noun
endurably, adverb
Word Origin
C14: from Old French endurer, from Latin indūrāre to harden, from dūrus hard
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Word Origin and History for enduring

late 14c., action of the verb endure; as a present participle adjective meaning "lasting," from 1530s.



early 14c., "to undergo or suffer" (especially without breaking); late 14c. "to continue in existence," from Old French endurer (12c.) "make hard, harden; bear, tolerate; keep up, maintain," from Latin indurare "make hard," in Late Latin "harden (the heart) against," from in- (see in- (2)) + durare "to harden," from durus "hard," from PIE *deru- "be firm, solid."

Replaced the important Old English verb dreogan (past tense dreag, past participle drogen), which survives in dialectal dree. Related: Endured; endures.

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