[hahy-bri-dahyz] /ˈhaɪ brɪˌdaɪz/
verb (used with object), hybridized, hybridizing.
to cause to produce hybrids; cross.
to breed or cause the production of (a hybrid).
to form in a hybrid manner.
verb (used without object), hybridized, hybridizing.
to produce hybrids.
to cause the production of hybrids by crossing.
to form a double-stranded nucleic acid of two single strands of DNA or RNA, or one of each, by allowing the base pairs of the separate strands to form complementary bonds.
to fuse two cells of different genotypes into a hybrid cell.
Also, especially British, hybridise.
1835–45; hybrid + -ize
Related forms
hybridizable, adjective
hybridization, noun
hybridist, hybridizer, noun
interhybridize, verb (used without object), interhybridized, interhybridizing.
Example Sentences for hybridization
So the researchers have been studying what reproductive barriers or ecological conditions are in play that prevent hybridization.
By legal definitions, genome with a gene that could not have been incorporated by hybridization can be patented.
Breeder must use new hybridization, injecting new blood to overcome this problem.
Hybridization happens between closely related animals and does not necessarily imply that the two are the same species, he says.
The interspecies hybridization that begat today's polar bears was possible because of climate fluctuations.
By doing so, you will help protect the gene pool, which has been seriously depleted by hundreds of years of hybridization.
The garden also pioneered orchid hybridization, breeding a number of internationally acclaimed varieties.
But to the dingo, hybridization has always offered life, not extinction.
To date, scientists know of only one hybridization event in the wild between the two bear species.
The study suggests hybridization may be more important to the evolution of new animals than had previously been thought.
British Dictionary definitions for hybridization
hybridize or hybridise (ˈhaɪbrɪˌdaɪz)
to produce or cause to produce hybrids; crossbreed
hybridise or hybridise
'hybridizable or hybridise
'hybridisable or hybridise
hybridi'zation or hybridise
hybridi'sation or hybridise
'hybridizer or hybridise
'hybridiser or hybridise

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hybridization in Culture

hybridization definition

Producing offspring from parents of different stock.

Note: Hybridization is used extensively in agriculture, where new forms of hardy and disease-resistant plants are produced commercially.
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