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[in-ad-i-kwuh-see] /ɪnˈæd ɪ kwə si/
noun, plural inadequacies for 2.
Also, inadequateness
[in-ad-i-kwit-nis] /ɪnˈæd ɪ kwɪt nɪs/ (Show IPA)
. the state or condition of being inadequate; insufficiency.
something inadequate; defect:
The plan has many inadequacies.
1780-90; inadequ(ate) + -acy Unabridged
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Examples from the web for inadequacy
  • But the truth is everyone relates to the feelings of inadequacy.
  • So there's nothing to discuss except the inadequacy of the article.
  • The inadequacy of the theory of somatic dream stimuli may also be demonstrated in another manner.
  • Often he struggled with a sense of inadequacy, a nagging feeling that he had seldom written anything worthwhile.
  • In a word, the faith underlying the cosmological argument is the faith of those who cling to it despite its inadequacy.
  • And econ anon is right that you shouldn't give in to feelings of inadequacy.
  • She shows the inadequacy of many of the models on which climate forecasts are based.
  • Finally, the discussion about recharging batteries overstates the inadequacy of the infrastructure needs.
  • He felt a sense of inadequacy in the newsroom, his father's realm.
  • The many comments above about the inadequacy and lack of development of space propulsion systems speaks volumes.
Word Origin and History for inadequacy

1764, from inadequate + -cy. Related: Inadequacies.

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