a person or thing that lifts.
Machinery. a device or machine part used for lifting another part, as a cam used for lifting a valve in an engine.

1525–35; lift + -er1 Unabridged
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lift1 (lɪft)
1.  to rise or cause to rise upwards from the ground or another support to a higher place: to lift a sack
2.  to move or cause to move upwards: to lift one's eyes
3.  (tr) to take hold of in order to carry or remove: to lift something down from a shelf
4.  (tr) to raise in status, spirituality, estimation, etc: his position lifted him from the common crowd
5.  (tr) to revoke or rescind: to lift tax restrictions
6.  to make or become audible or louder: to lift one's voice in song
7.  (tr) to take (plants or underground crops) out of the ground for transplanting or harvesting
8.  (intr) to disappear by lifting or as if by lifting: the fog lifted
9.  to transport in a vehicle
10.  informal (tr) to take unlawfully or dishonourably; steal
11.  informal (tr) to make dishonest use of (another person's idea, writing, etc); plagiarize
12.  slang (tr) to arrest
13.  (tr) to perform a face-lift on
14.  (US), (Canadian) (tr) to pay off (a mortgage, etc)
15.  the act or an instance of lifting
16.  the power or force available or used for lifting
17.  a.  (Brit) US and Canadian word: elevator a platform, compartment, or cage raised or lowered in a vertical shaft to transport persons or goods in a building
 b.  chairlift See ski lift
18.  the distance or degree to which something is lifted
19.  a usually free ride as a passenger in a car or other vehicle
20.  a rise in the height of the ground
21.  a rise in morale or feeling of cheerfulness usually caused by some specific thing or event
22.  the force required to lift an object
23.  a layer of the heel of a shoe, etc, or a detachable pad inside the shoe to give the wearer added height
24.  aid; help
25.  mining
 a.  the thickness of ore extracted in one operation
 b.  a set of pumps used in a mine
26.  a.  the component of the aerodynamic forces acting on a wing, etc, at right angles to the airflow
 b.  the upward force exerted by the gas in a balloon, airship, etc
27.  See airlift
[C13: from Scandinavian; related to Old Norse lypta, Old English lyft sky; compare loft]

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Example sentences
With jar lifter, remove jars and set upright on towels on a counter.
Remove jars from the pot of hot water using a jar lifter.
Or speculated about how many tons a determined weight lifter could vertically
  press before his spine snapped.
Horizontal stabilizers are an integral part of this robust lifter.
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