noun, plural partridges (especially collectively) partridge.
any of several Old World gallinaceous game birds of the subfamily Perdicinae, especially Perdix perdix.
Chiefly Northern U.S. the ruffed grouse.
Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. bobwhite.
any of several other North American gallinaceous game birds.
any of various South and Central American tinamous.

1250–1300; Middle English partrich, variant of pertrich < Middle French pertris, variant of perdris, Old French perd(r)iz < Latin perdix < Greek pérdix

partridgelike, adjective Unabridged


Eric (Honeywood) [huhn-ee-wood] , 1894–1979, British lexicographer, born in New Zealand. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
partridge (ˈpɑːtrɪdʒ)
n , pl -tridges, -tridge
1.  any of various small Old World gallinaceous game birds of the genera Perdix, Alectoris, etc, esp P. perdix (common or European partridge): family Phasianidae (pheasants)
2.  (US), (Canadian) any of various other gallinaceous birds, esp the bobwhite and ruffed grouse
[C13: from Old French perdriz, from Latin perdix, from Greek]

Partridge (ˈpɑːtrɪdʒ)
Eric (Honeywood). 1894--1979, British lexicographer, born in New Zealand; author of works on English usage, idiom, slang, and etymology

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Word Origin & History

1176, from O.Fr. pertis, alteration of perdis (perhaps infl. by fem. suffix -tris), from L. perdicem (nom. perdix), from Gk. perdix, the Greek partridge, probably related to perdesthai "to break wind," in ref. to the whirring noise of the bird's wings, from PIE imitative base *perd- "to break wind" (cf.
Skt. pardate "breaks wind," Lith. perdzu, Rus. perdet, O.H.G. ferzan, O.N. freta, M.E. farten).
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Bible Dictionary

Partridge definition

(Heb. kore, i.e., "caller"). This bird, unlike our own partridge, is distinguished by "its ringing call-note, which in early morning echoes from cliff to cliff amidst the barrenness of the wilderness of Judea and the glens of the forest of Carmel" hence its Hebrew name. This name occurs only twice in Scripture. In 1 Sam. 26:20 "David alludes to the mode of chase practised now, as of old, when the partridge, continuously chased, was at length, when fatigued, knocked down by sticks thrown along the ground." It endeavours to save itself "by running, in preference to flight, unless when suddenly started. It is not an inhabitant of the plain or the corn-field, but of rocky hill-sides" (Tristram's Nat. Hist.). In Jer. 17:11 the prophet is illustrating the fact that riches unlawfully acquired are precarious and short-lived. The exact nature of the illustration cannot be precisely determined. Some interpret the words as meaning that the covetous man will be as surely disappointed as the partridge which gathers in eggs, not of her own laying, and is unable to hatch them; others (Tristram), with more probability, as denoting that the man who enriches himself by unjust means "will as surely be disappointed as the partridge which commences to sit, but is speedily robbed of her hopes of a brood" by her eggs being stolen away from her. The commonest partridge in Palestine is the Caccabis saxatilis, the Greek partridge. The partridge of the wilderness (Ammo-perdix heyi) is a smaller species. Both are essentially mountain and rock birds, thus differing from the English partridge, which loves cultivated fields.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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Example sentences
The partridge loves peas, but not those that go with her into the pot.
From time to time he will cook a brace of grouse or partridge for them.
When the pike was caught and opened, it contained a partridge.
Fall offers hunting seasons for moose, partridge and deer.
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