a person or thing that plugs.
any of various machines or tools that insert, remove, or manipulate plugs or pluglike materials, as a dental instrument used to pack and mold the filling in a tooth cavity. Unabridged
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plug (plʌɡ)
1.  a piece of wood, cork, or other material, often cylindrical in shape, used to stop up holes and gaps or as a wedge for taking a screw or nail
2.  such a stopper used esp to close the waste pipe of a bath, basin, or sink while it is in use and removed to let the water drain away
3.  a device having one or more pins to which an electric cable is attached: used to make an electrical connection when inserted into a socket
4.  Also called: volcanic plug a mass of solidified magma filling the neck of an extinct volcano
5.  See sparking plug
6.  a.  a cake of pressed or twisted tobacco, esp for chewing
 b.  a small piece of such a cake
7.  angling a weighted artificial lure with one or more sets of hooks attached, used in spinning
8.  a seedling with its roots encased in potting compost, grown in a tray with compartments for each individual plant
9.  informal a recommendation or other favourable mention of a product, show, etc, as on television, on radio, or in newspapers
10.  slang a shot, blow, or punch (esp in the phrase take a plug at)
11.  informal the mechanism that releases water to flush a lavatory (esp in the phrase pull the plug)
12.  chiefly (US) an old horse
13.  informal pull the plug on to put a stop to
vb , plugs, plugging, plugged
14.  (tr) to stop up or secure (a hole, gap, etc) with or as if with a plug
15.  (tr) to insert or use (something) as a plug: to plug a finger into one's ear
16.  informal (tr) to make favourable and often-repeated mentions of (a song, product, show, etc), esp on television, on radio, or in newspapers
17.  slang (tr) to shoot with a gun: he plugged six rabbits
18.  slang (tr) to punch or strike
19.  informal (intr; foll by along, away, etc) to work steadily or persistently
[C17: from Middle Dutch plugge; related to Middle Low German plugge, German Pflock]

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plugger plug·ger (plŭg'ər)
A dental instrument used for condensing material in a cavity. Also called packer.

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He has enough power to play the strong-side three-technique, as he has developed into an effective gap controller and plugger.
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