1590–1600; remit + -al2 Unabridged
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remission or remittal (rɪˈmɪʃən, rɪˈmɪtəl)
1.  the act of remitting or state of being remitted
2.  a reduction of the term of a sentence of imprisonment, as for good conduct: he got three years' remission
3.  forgiveness for sin
4.  discharge or release from penalty, obligation, etc
5.  lessening of intensity; abatement, as in the severity of symptoms of a disease
remittal or remittal
re'missive or remittal
re'missively or remittal

vb , -mits, -mitting, -mitted
1.  (also intr) to send (money, payment, etc), as for goods or service, esp by post
2.  law (esp of an appeal court) to send back (a case or proceeding) to an inferior court for further consideration or action
3.  to cancel or refrain from exacting (a penalty or punishment)
4.  (also intr) to relax (pace, intensity, etc) or (of pace or the like) to slacken or abate
5.  to postpone; defer
6.  archaic to pardon or forgive (crime, sins, etc)
7.  the area of authority or responsibility of an individual or a group: by taking that action, the committee has exceeded its remit
8.  law the transfer of a case from one court or jurisdiction to another, esp from an appeal court to an inferior tribunal
9.  the act of remitting
10.  something remitted
11.  (NZ) a proposal from a branch of an organization put forward for discussion at the annual general meeting
[C14: from Latin remittere to send back, release, re- + mittere to send]

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Example sentences
Local remittal information not needed for this county.
The effects of this strict interpretation may be mitigated, however, by a remittal of the disqualification in appropriate cases.
Further, there is ample, undisputed evidence that a timely remittal of each rent payment was important to appellee.
He also pointed out that under the existing code, remittal of disqualification can be done on the record as well as in writing.
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