service line

Tennis. the rear boundary of a service court.
a line running parallel to the front wall in certain court games, as handball or squash, that marks a boundary of the service area.
Example Sentences for service line
They also have a battery-powered instrument for locating a tap-the point where a house-service line is joined to a main.
These included moving the service line closer to the net and mandating the use of smaller and less-powerful wooden rackets.
Start with the customer service line, but likely you'll need to speak with a representative in account services.
Browse the hotel website or phone its customer-service line to find out its cancellation policy.
British Dictionary definitions for service line
service line
1.  the line at the back of the court behind which the server must stand when serving
2.  a line indicating the boundary of a permissible service, as on the backwall of a squash court

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