verb (used with object)
to reject with disdain; scorn.
to treat with contempt; despise.
to kick or trample with the foot.
verb (used without object)
to show disdain or contempt; scorn something.
disdainful rejection.
contemptuous treatment.
a kick.

1250–1300; (v.) Middle English spurnen, Old English spurnan; cognate with Old Saxon, Old High German spurnan, Old Norse sporna to kick; akin to Latin spernere to put away; (noun) Middle English: a kick, contemptuous stroke, derivative of the noun

spurner, noun
outspurn, verb (used with object)
unspurned, adjective

1. See refuse1. 6. contumely.

1. accept.
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spurn (spɜːn)
vb (when intr, often foll by against)
1.  to reject (a person or thing) with contempt
2.  archaic to kick (at)
3.  an instance of spurning
4.  archaic a kick or thrust
[Old English spurnan; related to Old Norse sporna, Old High German spurnan, Latin spernere to despise, Lithuanian spiriu to kick]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. spurnan "to kick (away), reject, scorn, despise," from P.Gmc. *spurnanan (cf. O.S., O.H.G. spurnan, O.Fris. spurna, O.N. sporna "to kick"), from PIE base *spere- "ankle" (cf. M.Du. spoor "track of an animal," Gk. sphyron "ankle," L. spernere "to reject, spurn," Skt. sphurati "kicks," M.Ir. seir
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Example sentences
Even while you spurn them, they court you,-rural deities and others of every kind that frequent these mountains.
But the demonstrators spurn this, saying it will make the developers richer but not make housing cheaper.
Today, conservation-minded scientists spurn trawling whenever possible, especially in commercial fisheries.
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