verb (used with object), standardized, standardizing.
to bring to or make of an established standard size, weight, quality, strength, or the like: to standardize manufactured parts.
to compare with or test by a standard.
to choose or establish a standard for.
verb (used without object), standardized, standardizing.
to become standardized.
Also, especially British, standardise.

1870–75; standard + -ize

standardizable, adjective
standardization, noun
standardizer, noun
nonstandardization, noun
nonstandardized, adjective
prestandardization, noun
prestandardize, verb (used with object), prestandardized, prestandardizing.
quasi-standardized, adjective
restandardization, noun
restandardize, verb (used with object), restandardized, restandardizing.
substandardization, noun
substandardize, verb (used with object), substandardized, substandardizing.
unstandardizable, adjective
unstandardized, adjective Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
standardize or standardise (ˈstændəˌdaɪz)
1.  to make or become standard
2.  (tr) to test by or compare with a standard
standardise or standardise
standardi'zation or standardise
standardi'sation or standardise
'standardizer or standardise
'standardiser or standardise

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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

standardization stan·dard·i·za·tion (stān'dər-dĭ-zā'shən)

  1. The making of a solution of definite strength so that it may be used for comparison and in tests.

  2. The making of a drug or other preparation so that it conforms to the type or standard.

standardize stan·dard·ize (stān'dər-dīz')
v. stan·dard·ized, stan·dard·iz·ing, stan·dard·iz·es

  1. To cause to conform to a standard.

  2. To evaluate by comparing with a standard.

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Example sentences
Conformity and standardization serves a purpose, but it isn't universally
  applicable, and is context-specific.
Both eugenics and modern school reform share an overabundant faith in
  standardization, and in testing in particular.
To me, that implies excessive standardization and reduced nutritional content.
But over time, standardization set in and counterclockwise clocks and
  left-handed screws became rare.
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