last; furthest or farthest; ending a process or series: the ultimate point in a journey; the ultimate style in hats.
maximum; decisive; conclusive: the ultimate authority; the ultimate weapon.
highest; not subsidiary: ultimate goal in life.
basic; fundamental; representing a limit beyond which further progress, as in investigation or analysis, is impossible: the ultimate particle; ultimate principles.
final; total: the ultimate consequences; the ultimate cost of a project.
not to be improved upon or surpassed; greatest; unsurpassed: the ultimate vacation spot; the ultimate stupidity.
the final point; final result.
a fundamental fact or principle.
the best, greatest, or most extreme of its kind.

1645–55; < Late Latin ultimātus (past participle of ultimāre to come to an end), equivalent to Latin ultim(us) last, most distant (see ultima) + -ātus -ate1

ultimately, adverb
ultimateness, noun
subultimate, adjective

1. paramount, tantamount, ultimately ; 2. penultimate, last, ultimate ; 3. ultimate, ultimatum.

1. extreme, remotest, uttermost. 2. supreme. 5. See last1.

5. first.
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ultimate (ˈʌltɪmɪt)
1.  conclusive in a series or process; last; final: an ultimate question
2.  the highest or most significant: the ultimate goal
3.  elemental, fundamental, basic, or essential
4.  most extreme: genocide is the ultimate abuse of human rights
5.  final or total: an ultimate cost of twenty million pounds
6.  the most significant, highest, furthest, or greatest thing
[C17: from Late Latin ultimāre to come to an end, from Latin ultimus last, from ulter distant]

ultimately (ˈʌltɪmɪtlɪ)
in the end; at last; finally

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Word Origin & History

1654, from L.L. ultimatus, pp. of ultimare "to be final, come to an end," from ultimus "last, final," superlative of *ulter "beyond" (see ultra). Ultimate Frisbee is attested from 1972.
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Example sentences
The jury foreperson told the judge the panel could not ultimately reach a
  verdict on the three remaining counts.
Ultimately what the author is saying is that dreamers have run out of material
  with the subject of physics.
Dinosaurs may ultimately have been killed off not by a huge asteroid but by
  tiny germs.
Predicting the effects of climate change may ultimately help us all.
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