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[rey-shoh, -shee-oh] /ˈreɪ ʃoʊ, -ʃiˌoʊ/
noun, plural ratios.
the relation between two similar magnitudes with respect to the number of times the first contains the second:
the ratio of 5 to 2, written 5:2 or 5/2.
proportional relation; rate:
the ratio between acceptances and rejections.
Finance. the relative value of gold and silver in a bimetallic currency system.
Origin of ratio
1630-40; < Latin ratiō a reckoning, account, calculation, derivative (see -tion) of the base of rērī to judge, think

ultima ratio regum

[oo l-ti-mah rah-tee-oh rey-goo m; English uhl-tuh-muh rey-shee-oh ree-guh m] /ˈʊl tɪˌmɑ ˈrɑ tiˌoʊ ˈreɪ gʊm; English ˈʌl tə mə ˈreɪ ʃiˌoʊ ˈri gəm/
the final argument of kings (a resort to arms): motto engraved on the cannon of Louis XIV. Unabridged
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Examples from the web for ratio
  • Now, for fuller flavor, she's upped the salsa ratio and uses tomato sauce instead of soup.
  • The match fixes neither distance nor size but only their ratio, as some fraction of a full circle.
  • As the car accelerates, the driver feels no lurch because no step occurs from one ratio to the next.
  • Saving land, particularly rainforest land with its high ratio of endemic animal species, will therefore be required.
  • From the ratio of shoppers to elevators, he might conclude that they were not.
  • Regular jiggering of organic functions is needed to keep the ratio from ballooning to something deadly.
  • The joke-to-apology ratio was skewed toward jokes, and the entire monologue was funny, or intended to be.
  • In plants and animals that eat other life-forms, the isotope ratio should vary widely.
  • Monitor the compost for offensive odors, which indicate an imbalance in the compost ratio.
  • And even these countries often have an unfavorable ratio of water to people.
British Dictionary definitions for ratio


noun (pl) -tios
a measure of the relative size of two classes expressible as a proportion: the ratio of boys to girls is 2 to 1
(maths) a quotient of two numbers or quantities See also proportion (sense 6)
Word Origin
C17: from Latin: a reckoning, from rērī to think; see reason
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Word Origin and History for ratio

1630s, "reason, rationale," from Latin ratio "reckoning, numbering, calculation; business affair, procedure," also "reason, reasoning, judgment, understanding," from rat-, past participle stem of reri "to reckon, calculate," also "think" (see reason (n.)). Mathematical sense "relationship between two numbers" is attested from 1650s.

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ratio in Medicine

ratio ra·tio (rā'shō, rā'shē-ō')
n. pl. ra·tios

  1. Relation in degree or number between two similar things.

  2. The relation between two quantities expressed as the quotient of one divided by the other.

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ratio in Science
  (rā'shō, rā'shē-ō')   
A relationship between two quantities, normally expressed as the quotient of one divided by the other. For example, if a box contains six red marbles and four blue marbles, the ratio of red marbles to blue marbles is 6 to 4, also written 6:4. A ratio can also be expressed as a decimal or percentage.
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ratio in Culture
ratio [(ray-shee-oh, ray-shoh)]

An expression of the relative size of two numbers by showing one divided by the other.

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