[uh-vast, uh-vahst] /əˈvæst, əˈvɑst/
v. imperative, Nautical
(used as a command to stop or cease):
"Avast heaving!"
1675–85; perhaps < Dutch houd vast hold fast (see hold1, fast1)
Example Sentences for avast
The scope of the journal covers avast range of crops and research disciplines.
Collectively, they possess avast array of knowledge based on experience.
The past fifty years have seen the development of avast free market capital raising mechanism, based upon investor confidence.
Before its enactment, consumers were faced with avast array of credit terms and rates.
But there is avast difference in our functions--our powers, our procedures, our immediate obJectives.
Visible light represents only a tiny portion of avast radiation spectrum.
British Dictionary definitions for avast
avast (əˈvɑːst)
sentence substitute
nautical stop! cease!
[C17: perhaps from Dutch hou'vast hold fast]

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Word Origin and History for avast
1680s, a nautical interjection, "hold! stop!" probably worn down from Du. houd vast "hold fast."
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