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Television. channel.
Chess. check.


Chess. check.
child; children.


candle hours.
custom house.
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abbreviation for
1.  custom house
the internet domain name for
2.  Switzerland

abbreviation for
1.  Companion of Honour (a Brit title)
2.  Switzerland (international car registration)
[(sense 2) from French Confédération Helvétique]

abbreviation for
1.  chain (unit of measure)
2.  chapter
3.  chess check
4.  chief
5.  church

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Word Origin & History

used in O.Fr. for the "tsh" sound. Introduced to Eng. after the Norman Conquest, in words borrowed from O.Fr. such as chaste, charity, chief, etc. Under influence of the French, the digraph was also inserted into O.E. words that had the same sound (e.g. bleach, chest, church) which formerly had been
written with a simple -c-, and into those that had formerly been spelled with a -c- and pronounced "k" such as chin, much. As French evolved, the "t" sound dropped out of it, so in later loan-words from France ch- has only the sound "sh-" (chauffeur, machine, chivalry, etc.). The sound is in many non-I.E. languages (e.g. cheetah, chintz), and the digraph is also used to represent the sound in Scottish loch. It also turns up in words from classical languages (chaos, echo, etc.). Most uses of -ch- in Roman L. were in words from Gk., which would be pronounced correctly as "k" + "h," as in blockhouse, but most Romans would have said merely "k." Sometimes the -h- was written to keep the -c- hard before a front vowel, as still in modern Italian. In some French dialects including that of Paris, Latin ca- became French "tsha," whence the old French (and, after 1066, English) spelling ch- for "tsh." In some languages (Welsh, Sp., Czech) ch- can be treated as a separate letter and words in it are alphabetized after -c- (or, in Czech and Slovak, after -h-).
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Computing Dictionary

Ch definition

An interpreted programming language sold by Soft Integration and marketed for scripting, shell programming and graph plotting, it is a superset of C++. Ch is also the name of Soft Integration's interpreter for the language. Currently the Ch interpreter is available for Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Mac platforms.
Soft Integration (http://softintegration.com/).

ch definition

The country code for Switzerland.

The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © Denis Howe 2010 http://foldoc.org
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American Heritage
Abbreviations & Acronyms
  1. chain

  2. Chamorro

  3. check

  1. Christian (as in personal ads)

  2. Chronicles

  1. central heating

  2. clearing-house

  3. compass heading

  4. conference host

  5. courthouse

  6. customhouse

  7. Switzerland (international vehicle ID)

  1. champion

  2. chapter

  3. check

  4. child

  5. children

  6. church

  1. Champion

  2. channel

  3. chaplain

  4. chief

  5. China

  6. Chinese

  7. church

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