honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair: an honest person.
showing uprightness and fairness: honest dealings.
gained or obtained fairly: honest wealth.
sincere; frank: an honest face.
genuine or unadulterated: honest commodities.
respectable; having a good reputation: an honest name.
truthful or creditable: honest weights.
humble, plain, or unadorned.
Archaic. chaste; virtuous.

1250–1300; Middle English honeste < Middle French < Latin honestus honorable, equivalent to hones- (variant stem of honōs) honor + -tus adj. suffix

honestness, noun
overhonest, adjective
overhonestly, adverb
overhonestness, noun
quasi-honest, adjective
quasi-honestly, adverb

1. just, incorruptible, trusty, trustworthy. 2. fair. 4. straightforward, candid. 5, 9. pure.

1. dishonest, corrupt.
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World English Dictionary
honest (ˈɒnɪst)
1.  not given to lying, cheating, stealing, etc; trustworthy
2.  not false or misleading; genuine
3.  just or fair: honest wages
4.  characterized by sincerity and candour: an honest appraisal
5.  without pretensions or artificial traits: honest farmers
6.  archaic (of a woman) respectable
7.  honest broker a mediator in disputes, esp international ones
8.  school slang (interjection) honest Injun genuinely, really
9.  honest to God, honest to goodness
 a.  (adjective) completely authentic
 b.  (interjection) an expression of affirmation or surprise
10.  make an honest woman of to marry (a woman, esp one who is pregnant) to prevent scandal
[C13: from Old French honeste, from Latin honestus distinguished, from honōshonour]

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Word Origin & History

c.1300, "respectable, decent, of neat appearance," also "free from fraud," from O.Fr. honeste (12c.), from L. honestus "honorable, respected," from honos (see honor). Main modern sense of "dealing fairly, truthful" is c.1400, as is sense of "virtuous." Phrase to make an honest
woman of "marry a woman after seduction" is from 1629.
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Idioms & Phrases


In addition to the idioms beginning with honest, also see come by (honestly); open (honest) and aboveboard.

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Example sentences
All the real things, the authentic things, the honest things are dying off.
We are a people who conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical
  manner at all times.
At the time, I had no clue whether the alleged honor resulted from an honest
  mistake or a knowing deception.
The solution to this is to be entirely honest with everyone.
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