[lahyth] /laɪð/
adjective, lither, lithest.
bending readily; pliant; limber; supple; flexible:
"the lithe body of a ballerina."
Also, lithesome.
before 900; Middle English lith(e), Old English līthe; cognate with Old Saxon līthi, German lind mild, Latin lentus slow
Related forms
lithely, adverb
litheness, noun
Can be confused
lithe, lissome.
British Dictionary definitions for litheness
lithe (laɪð)
flexible or supple
[Old English (in the sense: gentle; C15: supple); related to Old High German lindi soft, Latin lentus slow]

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Word Origin and History for litheness
O.E. liðe "soft, mild, gentle, meek," from P.Gmc. *linthijaz (cf. O.S. lithi, O.H.G. lindi, Ger. lind, O.N. linr, with characteristic loss of "n" before "th" in Eng.), from PIE base *lent- "flexible" (cf. L. lentus "flexible, pliant, slow"). In M.E., used of the weather. Current sense of "easily flexible" is from c.1400.
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