mandelbrot set

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Mandelbrot set (ˈmændəlˌbrɒt)
maths a set of points in the complex plane that is self-replicating according to some predetermined rule such that the boundary of the set has fractal dimensions, used in the study of fractal geometry and in producing patterns in computer graphics
[C20: after Benoît Mandelbrot (born 1924), French mathematician, born in Poland]

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Mandelbrot set   (män'dəl-brŏt')  Pronunciation Key 
The set of complex numbers C for which the iteration zn+1 = zn2 + C produces finite zn for all n when started at z0 = 0. The boundary of the Mandelbrot set is a fractal.
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Mandelbrot set definition

mathematics, graphics
(After its discoverer, Benoit Mandelbrot) The set of all complex numbers c such that
| z[N] | for arbitrarily large values of N, where
z[0] = 0 z[n+1] = z[n]^2 + c
The Mandelbrot set is usually displayed as an Argand diagram, giving each point a colour which depends on the largest N for which | z[N] | The Mandelbrot set is the best known example of a fractal - it includes smaller versions of itself which can be explored to arbitrary levels of detail.
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