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Main Entry:  Nintendo
Part of Speech:  n
Definition:  trademarked name of a Japanese company that makes video game systems, consoles, and software
Example:  The founder of Nintendo stepped down in 2002.
Etymology:  Ninten 'leave luck to the heavens' + do 'company'
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Nintendo definition

company, games
A Japanese video game hardware manufacturer and software publisher. Nintendo started by making playing cards, but was later dominant in video games throughout the 1980s and early 1990s worldwide. They make lots of games consoles including the Gameboy, Gameboy Advance SP, DS, DS Lite and the Wii.
Nintendo home (http://nintendo.com/).
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Example sentences for Nintendo
Com to receive a free three issue trial subscription to nintendo power.
Answers are posted in the next issue, as well as on nintendo.
When nintendo power was redesigned, the spine picture idea was abandoned.
Recently, nintendo stated that no plans have yet been made for foreign releases.
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