a male child or person in relation to his parents.
a male child or person adopted as a son; a person in the legal position of a son.
any male descendant: a son of the Aztecs.
a son-in-law.
a person related as if by ties of sonship.
a male person looked upon as the product or result of particular agencies, forces, influences, etc.: a true son of the soil.
a familiar term of address to a man or boy from an older person, an ecclesiastic, etc.
the Son, the second person of the Trinity; Jesus Christ.

before 900; Middle English sone, Old English sunu; cognate with Dutch zoon, German Sohn, Old Norse sunr, sonr, Gothic sunus, Lithuanian sūnùs, Sanskrit sūnus; akin to Greek huiós

sonless, adjective
sonlike, adjective Unabridged
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son (sʌn)
1.  a male offspring; a boy or man in relation to his parents
2.  a male descendant
3.  (often capital) a familiar term of address for a boy or man
4.  a male from a certain country, place, etc, or one closely connected with a certain environment: a son of the circus; a son of the manse
Related: filial
[Old English sunu; related to Old Norse sunr, Gothic sunus, Old High German sunu, Lithuanian sūnus, Sanskrit sūnu]

Son (sʌn)
Christianity the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ

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Word Origin & History

O.E. sunu "son," from P.Gmc. *sunuz (cf. O.S., O.Fris. sunu, O.N. sonr, Dan. søn, Swed. son, M.Du. sone, Du. zoon, O.H.G. sunu, Ger. Sohn, Goth. sunus "son"), from PIE *sunu-/*sunyu- (cf. Skt. sunus, Gk. huios, Avestan hunush, Armenian ustr, Lith. sunus, O.C.S. synu, Rus., Pol. syn "son"), from
root *su- "to give birth" (cf. Skt. sauti "gives birth," O.Ir. suth "birth, offspring"). Sonny as a familiar form of address to one younger or inferior is from 1870. Son of _____ as the title of a sequel to a book or movie is recorded from 1929.
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Example sentences for SONS
The couple have three sons and currently reside in beverly hills, california.
They eventually had three sons, but their first child together was a girl, emma.
And in all deceitful wickedness for those designated sons of destruction.
It is the only monument known to have been erected by the sons of liberty.
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