[shnahps, shnaps] /ʃnɑps, ʃnæps/
(in Europe) any strong, dry spirit, as slivovitz, aquavit, or kirsch.
a drink of schnapps.
Also, schnaps.
1810–20; < German, < Dutch or Low German snaps literally, gulp, mouthful, derivative of snappen to snap
Can be confused
schnapps, snaps.
Example Sentences for schnapps
The mayor of the tidy nearby town brought out souvenir bottles of schnapps.
Peasants gave him baskets of eggs and swigs of raspberry schnapps.
Some reports note that they had decorated some evergreen trees and drank large amounts of schnapps and beer.
British Dictionary definitions for schnapps
schnapps or schnaps (ʃnæps)
1.  a Dutch spirit distilled from potatoes
2.  (in Germany) any strong spirit
[C19: from German Schnaps, from schnappen to snap]
schnaps or schnaps
[C19: from German Schnaps, from schnappen to snap]

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Word Origin and History for schnapps
1818, kind of Holland gin, from Ger. Schnaps, lit. "a mouthful, gulp," from Low Ger. snaps, from snappen "to snap" (see snap).
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