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a male or female given name.
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shell (ʃɛl)
1.  the protective calcareous or membranous outer layer of an egg, esp a bird's egg
2.  the hard outer covering of many molluscs that is secreted by the mantle
3.  any other hard outer layer, such as the exoskeleton of many arthropods
4.  the hard outer layer of some fruits, esp of nuts
5.  any hard outer case
6.  Compare ball a hollow artillery projectile filled with explosive primed to explode either during flight, on impact, or after penetration
7.  a small-arms cartridge comprising a hollow casing inside which is the primer, charge, and bullet
8.  a pyrotechnic cartridge designed to explode in the air
9.  rowing a very light narrow racing boat
10.  the external structure of a building, esp one that is unfinished or one that has been gutted by fire
11.  the basic structural case of something, such as a machine, vehicle, etc
12.  physics
 a.  a class of electron orbits in an atom in which the electrons have the same principal quantum number and orbital angular momentum quantum number and differences in their energy are small compared with differences in energy between shells
 b.  an analogous energy state of nucleons in certain theories (shell models) of the structure of the atomic nucleus
13.  the pastry case of a pie, flan, etc
14.  a thin slab of concrete or a skeletal framework made of wood or metal that forms a shell-like roof
15.  (Brit) (in some schools) a class or form
16.  come out of one's shell to become less shy and reserved
17.  bring out of one's shell to help to become less shy and reserved
18.  to divest or be divested of a shell, husk, pod, etc
19.  to separate or be separated from an ear, husk, cob, etc
20.  (tr) to bombard with artillery shells
[Old English sciell; related to Old Norse skel shell, Gothic skalja tile, Middle Low German schelle shell; see scale1, shale]

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