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[spyoo] /spyu/
verb (used without object)
to discharge the contents of the stomach through the mouth; vomit.
verb (used with object)
to eject from the stomach through the mouth; vomit.
to cast forth, gush, or eject, as in disgust or anger:
The angry sergeant spewed his charges at us.
something that is spewed; vomit.
Also, spue.
before 900; Middle English spewen to vomit, cast forth foul language, Old English spīwan to vomit; cognate with German speien, Old Norse spȳja, Gothic speiwan, Latin spuere
Related forms
spewer, noun
unspewed, adjective Unabridged
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Examples from the web for spewing
  • It was closed because a broken pipe was spewing sewage over the reef.
  • Some of those stars exploded, spewing the heavier elements out into space.
  • For example, the spewing oil in the gulf is a problem that could use a creative solution.
  • Both of you sloppily ignoring facts and spewing out thoughtless drivel.
  • The volcano is spewing lava, which says move your house.
  • And thermal-power plants throughout the country are spewing forth carcinogens, owing to incomplete combustion.
  • Not politicians or religious leaders, spewing inflammatory calls to war.
  • For you run great risk of spewing up what you have ill digested.
  • Except for the big noisy diesel engine under the hood of the game drive vehicle spewing exhaust and scaring the animals.
  • Because pretty much anyone who sees the home screen has access to the explosion of personal data spewing out there.
British Dictionary definitions for spewing


to eject (the contents of the stomach) involuntarily through the mouth; vomit
to spit (spittle, phlegm, etc) out of the mouth
(usually foll by out) to send or be sent out in a stream: flames spewed out
something ejected from the mouth
Also (archaic) spue
Derived Forms
spewer, noun
Word Origin
Old English spīwan; related to Old Norse spӯja, Gothic speiwan, Old High German spīwan, Latin spuere, Lithuanian spiauti
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Word Origin and History for spewing



Old English spiwan "spew, spit," from Proto-Germanic *spiwanan (cf. Old Saxon spiwan, Old Norse spyja, Old Frisian spiwa, Middle Dutch spien, Dutch spuwen, Old High German spiwan, German speien, Gothic spiewan "to spit"), from PIE *sp(y)eu-, probably ultimately of imitative origin (cf. Latin spuere, Greek ptuein, Old Church Slavonic pljuja, Lithuanian spiauti). Also in Old English as a weak verb, speowan. Related: Spewed; spewing.


"vomited matter," c.1600, from spew (v.).

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