1 [thohl]
a pin, or either of two pins, inserted into a gunwale to provide a fulcrum for an oar.
Also called tholepin [thohl-pin] .

before 900; Middle English tholle, Old English tholl; cognate with Low German dolle, Old Norse thollr; akin to Old Norse thǫll young fir-tree Unabridged


2 [thohl] .
verb (used with object), tholed, tholing. Chiefly Scot.
to suffer; bear; endure.

before 900; Middle English tholen, Old English tholian; cognate with Old Norse thola, Gothic thulan; akin to Latin tolerāre (see tolerate), Greek tlênai to bear, endure Unabridged
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thole or tholepin1 (θəʊl, ˈθəʊlˌpɪn)
a wooden pin or one of a pair, set upright in the gunwales of a rowing boat to serve as a fulcrum in rowing
[Old English tholl, related to Middle Low German dolle, Norwegian toll, Icelandic thollr]
tholepin or tholepin1
[Old English tholl, related to Middle Low German dolle, Norwegian toll, Icelandic thollr]

thole2 (θəʊl)
1.  dialect (Scot), (Northern English) (tr) to put up with; bear
2.  an archaic word for suffer
[Old English tholian; related to Old Saxon, Old High German tholōn, Old Norse thola to endure: compare Latin tollere to bear up]

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Word Origin & History

"to be subjected to or exposed to, to endure without complaint," now Scottish and Northern Eng. dial., from O.E. þolian, from P.Gmc. stem *thul- (cf. O.S. tholon, O.H.G. dolon, Ger. geduld, O.N. þola, Goth. þulan), cognate with L. tolerare (see toleration).

"peg," from O.E. þoll, from P.Gmc. *thulnaz (cf. O.N. þollr, M.L.G. dolle, E.Fris. dolle, Du. dol), of unknown origin. No record of the word in Eng. from c.1000 to c.1440.
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