verb (used with object), allotted, allotting.
to divide or distribute by share or portion; distribute or parcel out; apportion: to allot the available farmland among the settlers.
to appropriate for a special purpose: to allot money for a park.
to assign as a portion; set apart; dedicate.

1425–75; earlier alot, late Middle English alotten < Middle French aloter, equivalent to a- a-5 + lot lot (< Germanic) + -er infinitive suffix

allottable, adjective
allotter, noun
misallot, verb (used with object), misallotted, misallotting.
preallot, verb (used with object), preallotted, preallotting.
reallot, verb (used with object), reallotted, reallotting.
unallotted, adjective
well-allotted, adjective

a lot, allot.

1. See assign. Unabridged
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allot (əˈlɒt)
vb , -lots, -lotting, -lotted
1.  to assign or distribute (shares, etc)
2.  to designate for a particular purpose: money was allotted to cover expenses
3.  (foll by to) apportion: we allotted two hours to the case
[C16: from Old French aloter, from lot portion, lot]

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Word Origin & History

late 15c., from O.Fr. aloter "to divide by lots, to divide into lots," from à "to" + loter "lot," a word of Gmc. origin (cf. Goth. hlauts, O.H.G. hloz, O.E. hlot; see lot).
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Example sentences
Ben will allot them each a fortress within this small kingdom, and then the
  game can begin.
Instead of giving cash to local operators on trafficking routes, they would
  allot them a share of the shipment.
Intent and effort toward holistic living is more important than trying to allot
  equal time to different parts of life.
You can even allot more bandwidth to movie files so the picture won't stutter.
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