anvil cloud


a heavy iron block with a smooth face, frequently of steel, on which metals, usually heated until soft, are hammered into desired shapes.
anything having a similar form or use.
the fixed jaw in certain measuring instruments.
Also called anvil cloud, anvil top. Meteorology, incus ( def 2 ).
a musical percussion instrument having steel bars that are struck with a wooden or metal beater.
Anatomy, incus ( def 1 ).

before 900; Middle English anvelt, anfelt, Old English anfilt(e), anfealt; cognate with Middle Dutch anvilte, Old High German anafalz. See on, felt2 Unabridged


noun, plural incudes [in-kyoo-deez] , for 1; incus for 2.
Anatomy. the middle one of a chain of three small bones in the middle ear of humans and other mammals. Compare malleus, stapes. See diag. under ear.
Also called anvil, anvil cloud, anvil top, thunderhead. the spreading, anvil-shaped, upper portion of a mature cumulonimbus cloud, smooth or slightly fibrous in appearance.

1660–70; < Neo-Latin, Latin incūs anvil, equivalent to incūd- (stem of incūdere to hammer, beat upon) + -s nominative singular ending; see incuse

incudate [ing-kyuh-deyt, -dit, in-] , incudal [ing-kyuh-dl, in-] , adjective Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
anvil (ˈænvɪl)
1.  a heavy iron or steel block on which metals are hammered during forging
2.  any part having a similar shape or function, such as the lower part of a telegraph key
3.  the fixed jaw of a measurement device against which the piece to be measured is held
4.  anatomy the nontechnical name for incus
[Old English anfealt; related to Old High German anafalz, Middle Dutch anvilte; see on, felt²]

incus (ˈɪŋkəs)
n , pl incudes
malleus Compare stapes Nontechnical name: anvil the central of the three small bones in the middle ear of mammals
[C17: from Latin: anvil, from incūdere to forge]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. anfilte, a W.Gmc. compound (cf. M.Du. anvilt, O.H.G. anafalz, Dan. ambolt) from *ana- "on" + *filtan "hit" (see felt (n.)). Anvil Chorus is based on the "Gypsy Song" that opens Act II of Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Il Trovatore," first performed in Teatro Apollo, Rome, Jan. 19, 1853.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

anvil an·vil (ān'vĭl)
See incus.

incus in·cus (ĭng'kəs)
n. pl. in·cu·des (ĭng-kyōō'dēz)
The middle of the three ossicles in the middle ear, located between the malleus and the stapes and composed of a body and two limbs. Also called anvil.

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American Heritage
Science Dictionary
incus   (ĭng-ky'dēz)  Pronunciation Key 
Plural incudes (ĭng-ky'dēz)
  1. The anvil-shaped bone (ossicle) that lies between the malleus and the stapes in the middle ear.

  2. The elongated, often anvil-shaped upper portion of a fully developed cumulonimbus cloud; a thunderhead.

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Bible Dictionary

Anvil definition

the rendering of the Hebrew word , "beaten," found only in Isa. 41:7.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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