2 [as]
noun, plural asses [as-iz] .
a copper coin and early monetary unit of ancient Rome, originally having a nominal weight of a pound of 12 ounces: discontinued c80 b.c.
a unit of weight equal to 12 ounces.

1595–1605; < Latin Unabridged

A, a

noun, plural A's or As, a's or as.
the first letter of the English alphabet, a vowel.
any spoken sound represented by the letter A or a, as in bake, hat, father, or small.
something having the shape of an A .
a written or printed representation of the letter A or a.
a device, as a printer's type, for reproducing the letter A or a.
from A to Z, from beginning to end; thoroughly; completely: He knows the Bible from A to Z.
not know from A to B, to know nothing; be ignorant. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
as1 (æz, (unstressed) əz)
1.  (often preceded by just) while; when; at the time that: he caught me as I was leaving
2.  in the way that: dancing as only she can
3.  that which; what: I did as I was told
4.  (of) which fact, event, etc (referring to the previous statement): to become wise, as we all know, is not easy
5.  as it were in a way; so to speak; as if it were really so
6.  as you were
 a.  a military command to withdraw an order, return to the previous position, etc
 b.  a statement to withdraw something just said
7.  since; seeing that: as you're in charge here, you'd better tell me where to wait
8.  in the same way that: he died of cancer, as his father had done
9.  in spite of the extent to which: intelligent as you are, I suspect you will fail
10.  for instance: capital cities, as London
adv, —conj
11.  a.  used correlatively before an adjective or adverb and before a noun phrase or a clause to indicate identity of extent, amount, etc: she is as heavy as her sister; she is as heavy now as she used to be
 b.  used with this sense after a noun phrase introduced by the same: she is the same height as her sister
12.  in the role of; being: as his friend, I am probably biased
13.  as for, as to with reference to: as for my past, I'm not telling you anything
14.  formal as from, as of (in expressions of time) from: fares on all routes will rise as from January 11
15.  as if, as though as it would be if: he talked as if he knew all about it
16.  as is, as it is in the existing state of affairs: as it is, I shall have difficulty finishing all this work, without any more
17.  as per See per
18.  as regards See regard
19.  as such See such
20.  such as See such
21.  as was in a previous state
22.  as well See well
23.  as yet up to now; so far: I have received no compensation as yet

as2 (æs)
1.  an ancient Roman unit of weight approximately equal to 1 pound troy (373 grams)
2.  the standard monetary unit and copper coin of ancient Rome
[C17: from Latin ās unity, probably of Etruscan origin]

the internet domain name for
American Samoa

symbol for
1.  chem arsenic
2.  altostratus

abbreviation for
1.  Also: A.S. Anglo-Saxon
2.  antisubmarine
3.  Australian Standards

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Word Origin & History

late 12c., worn-down form of O.E. alswa "quite so" (see also). Equivalent to so; any distinction in use is purely idiomatic. Related to Ger. als "as, than." Phrase as well "just as much" is recorded from late 15c.; the phrase also can imply "as well as not," "as well as anything
else." Interjection of incredulity as if! is attested from 1995.
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American Heritage
Medical Dictionary

The symbol for the element arsenic.

AS abbr.
Latin auris sinistra (left ear)

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American Heritage
Science Dictionary
The symbol for arsenic.
Abbreviation of adenine, ampere, angstrom, area
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American Heritage
Abbreviations & Acronyms
  1. air speed

  2. American Samoa

  3. Anglo-Saxon

  4. antisubmarine

  5. Associate in Science

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