Be*hight"\, v. t. [imp. Behight; p. p. Behight, Behoten.] [OE. bihaten, AS. beh[=a]tan to vow, promise; pref. be- + h[=a]tan to call, command. See Hight, v.] [Obs. in all its senses.]

1. To promise; to vow.

Behight by vow unto the chaste Minerve. --Surrey.

2. To give in trust; to commit; to intrust.

The keys are to thy hand behight. --Spenser.

3. To adjudge; to assign by authority.

The second was to Triamond behight. --Spenser.

4. To mean, or intend.

More than heart behighteth. --Mir. for Mag.

5. To consider or esteem to be; to declare to be.

All the lookers-on him dead behight. --Spenser.

6. To call; to name; to address.

Whom . . . he knew and thus behight. --Spenser.

7. To command; to order.

He behight those gates to be unbarred. --Spenser.
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Be*hight"\, n. A vow; a promise. [Obs.] --Surrey.
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