the quality or state of being blue.

1485–95; blue + -ness Unabridged
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blue (bluː)
1.  any of a group of colours, such as that of a clear unclouded sky, that have wavelengths in the range 490--445 nanometres. Blue is the complementary colour of yellow and with red and green forms a set of primary coloursRelated: cyanic
2.  a dye or pigment of any of these colours
3.  blue cloth or clothing: dressed in blue
4.  a.  a sportsperson who represents or has represented Oxford or Cambridge University and has the right to wear the university colour (dark blue for Oxford, light blue for Cambridge): an Oxford blue
 b.  the honour of so representing one's university
5.  (Brit) an informal name for Tory
6.  any of numerous small blue-winged butterflies of the genera Lampides, Polyommatus, etc: family Lycaenidae
7.  archaic short for bluestocking
8.  slang a policeman
9.  archery a blue ring on a target, between the red and the black, scoring five points
10.  a blue ball in snooker, etc
11.  another name for blueing
12.  slang (Austral), (NZ) an argument or fight: he had a blue with a taxi driver
13.  slang (Austral), (NZ) Also: bluey a court summons, esp for a traffic offence
14.  informal (Austral), (NZ) a mistake; error
15.  out of the blue apparently from nowhere; unexpectedly: the opportunity came out of the blue
16.  into the blue into the unknown or the far distance
adj , bluer, bluest
17.  of the colour blue
18.  (of the flesh) having a purple tinge, as from cold or contusion
19.  depressed, moody, or unhappy
20.  dismal or depressing: a blue day
21.  indecent, titillating, or pornographic: blue films
22.  bluish in colour or having parts or marks that are bluish: a blue fox; a blue whale
23.  rare See blue blood aristocratic; noble; patrician: a blue family
24.  (US) Compare red relating to, supporting, or representing the Democratic Party
vb , bluer, bluest, blues, blueing, bluing, blued
25.  to make, dye, or become blue
26.  (tr) to treat (laundry) with blueing
27.  slang (tr) to spend extravagantly or wastefully; squander
Related: cyanic
[C13: from Old French bleu, of Germanic origin; compare Old Norse blār, Old High German blāo, Middle Dutch blā; related to Latin flāvus yellow]

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Example sentences
The blueness of the ocean and sky, the clarity and purity of it all is amazing.
The disadvantage of this increased redness and blueness is that higher-power
  lasers are required.
Water down azure, for example, and you get blue and blueness.
Their purity and extraordinary depth give the lakes a blueness of indescribable
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