[bohl-shuh-vik, bol-; Russian buhl-shi-vyeek]
noun, plural Bolsheviks, Bolsheviki [bohl-shuh-vik-ee, -vee-kee; Russian buhl-shi-vyi-kyee] .
a member of the more radical majority of the Social Democratic Party, 1903–17, advocating immediate and forceful seizure of power by the proletariat.
(after 1918) a member of the Russian Communist Party.
(loosely) a member of any Communist party.
Disparaging. an extreme political radical; revolutionary or anarchist.
Also, bolshevik.

1915–20; < Russian bolʾshevík, equivalent to bólʾsh() larger, greater (comparative of bolʾshóĭ large; compare bolʾshinstvó majority) + -evik, variant of -ovik noun suffix; cf. Menshevik

anti-Bolshevik, noun, adjective
non-Bolshevik, noun
pro-Bolshevik, adjective, noun Unabridged
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Bolshevik (ˈbɒlʃɪvɪk)
n , pl -viks, -viki
1.  Compare Menshevik (formerly) a Russian Communist
2.  any Communist
3.  jocular, derogatory (often not capital) any political radical, esp a revolutionary
[C20: from Russian Bol'shevik majority, from bol'shoi great; from the fact that this group formed a majority of the Russian Social Democratic Party in 1903]
adj, —n

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Word Origin & History

1917, from Rus. bol'shiy "greater," comp. of adj. bol'shoy "big, great" (cf. Bolshoi Ballet), from O.C.S. boljiji "larger," from PIE base *bel- "strong" (cf. Skt. balam "strength, force," Gk. beltion "better," Phrygian balaios "big, fast," O.Ir. odbal "strong," Welsh balch "proud;" M.Du., Low Ger., Fris.
pal "strong, firm"). It was the faction of the Russian Social Democratic Worker's Party after a split in 1903 that was either larger or more extreme (or both) than the Mensheviks (from Rus. men'shij "less"); after they seized power in 1917, applied generally to Rus. communists. Bolshevism is recorded from 1917.
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