the state or character of being broad: the broadness of the ship; the broadness of his jokes.

1350–1400; Middle English; see broad, -ness Unabridged
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broad (brɔːd)
1.  having relatively great breadth or width
2.  of vast extent; spacious: a broad plain
3.  (postpositive) from one side to the other: four miles broad
4.  of great scope or potential: that invention had broad applications
5.  not detailed; general: broad plans
6.  clear and open; full (esp in the phrase broad daylight)
7.  obvious or plain: broad hints
8.  liberal; tolerant: a broad political stance
9.  widely spread; extensive: broad support
10.  outspoken or bold: a broad manner
11.  vulgar; coarse; indecent: a broad joke
12.  unrestrained; free: broad laughter
13.  (of a dialect or pronunciation) consisting of a large number of speech sounds characteristic of a particular geographical area: a broad Yorkshire accent
14.  finance Compare narrow denoting an assessment of liquidity as including notes and coin in circulation with the public, banks' till money and balances, most private-sector bank deposits, and sterling bank-deposit certificates: broad money
15.  phonetics
 a.  of or relating to a type of pronunciation transcription in which symbols correspond approximately to phonemes without taking account of allophonic variations
 b.  broad a the long vowel in English words such as father, half, as represented in the received pronunciation of Southern British English
16.  as broad as it is long amounting to the same thing; without advantage either way
17.  the broad part of something
18.  slang chiefly (US), (Canadian)
 a.  a girl or woman
 b.  a prostitute
19.  dialect (Brit) See also Broads a river spreading over a lowland
20.  dialect (East Anglian) a shallow lake
21.  a wood-turning tool used for shaping the insides and bottoms of cylinders
22.  widely or fully: broad awake
[Old English brād; related to Old Norse breithr, Old Frisian brēd, Old High German breit, Gothic braiths]

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Example sentences
The broadness of the definition has led to varying estimates of the syndrome's
Human social complexity's raw variety defies broadness of characterization with
  any economy.
Sorry for the broadness of the question let me get more specific.
Betz felt that one reason for a possible lack of volunteers for work plan tasks
  is the overall broadness of the plan itself.
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