butter fly orchid

butterfly orchid

an epiphytic South American orchid, Oncidium papilio, having large yellow and reddish-brown flowers.
either of two terrestrial Old World orchids, Habenaria chlorantha or H. bifolia, having long clusters of greenish-white flowers.


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butterfly orchid

1. any orchid of the genus Psychopsis: spectacular large tiger-striped orchids 
2. any orchid of the genus Oncidium: characterized by slender branching sprays of small yellow and brown flowers; often grown as houseplants [syn: oncidium
3. Mexican epiphytic orchid having pale green or yellow-green flowers with white purple-veined lip 
4. orchid of Florida and the Bahamas having showy brightly colored flowers; sometimes placed in genus Epidendrum 
5. Mediterranean orchid having usually purple flowers with a fan-shaped spotted or striped rose-red lip 
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