having no button or buttons.

1645–55; button + -less

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button (ˈbʌtən)
1.  a disc or knob of plastic, wood, etc, attached to a garment, etc, usually for fastening two surfaces together by passing it through a buttonhole or loop
2.  a small round object, such as any of various sweets, decorations, or badges
3.  a small disc that completes an electric circuit when pushed, as one that operates a doorbell or machine
4.  a symbolic representation of a button on the screen of a computer that is notionally depressed by manipulating the mouse to initiate an action
5.  biology any rounded knoblike part or organ, such as an unripe mushroom
6.  fencing the protective knob fixed to the point of a foil
7.  a small amount of metal, usually lead, with which gold or silver is fused, thus concentrating it during assaying
8.  the piece of a weld that pulls out during the destructive testing of spot welds
9.  rowing a projection around the loom of an oar that prevents it slipping through the rowlock
10.  (Brit) an object of no value (esp in the phrase not worth a button)
11.  slang intellect; mental capacity (in such phrases as a button short, to have all one's buttons, etc)
12.  informal on the button exactly; precisely
13.  to fasten with a button or buttons
14.  (tr) to provide with buttons
15.  (tr) fencing to hit (an opponent) with the button of one's foil
16.  button one's lip, button up one's lip, button one's mouth, button up one's mouth to stop talking: often imperative
[C14: from Old French boton, from boter to thrust, butt, of Germanic origin; see butt³]

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Example sentences
They displays are crisp, clean and buttonless, with nary a button on the face.
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