adjective, chalkier, chalkiest.
of or like chalk.
of a chalklike consistency: chalky soil.
without resonance, color, warmth, etc.: several high tones that were quite chalky.
Photography. lacking in detail, due to extreme contrast: a chalky print.

1425–75; late Middle English; see chalk, -y1

chalkiness, noun
nonchalky, adjective
unchalky, adjective Unabridged
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chalk (tʃɔːk)
1.  a soft fine-grained white sedimentary rock consisting of nearly pure calcium carbonate, containing minute fossil fragments of marine organisms, usually without a cementing material
2.  a piece of chalk or a substance like chalk, often coloured, used for writing and drawing on a blackboard
3.  a line, mark, etc made with chalk
4.  billiards, snooker a small cube of prepared chalk or similar substance for rubbing the tip of a cue
5.  (Brit) a score, tally, or record
6.  informal as alike as chalk and cheese, as different as chalk and cheese totally different in essentials
7.  informal (Brit) by a long chalk by far
8.  can't tell chalk from cheese, doesn't know chalk from cheese to be unable to judge or appreciate important differences
9.  informal (Brit) not by a long chalk by no means; not possibly
10.  (modifier) made of chalk
11.  to draw or mark (something) with chalk
12.  (tr) to mark, rub, or whiten with or as if with chalk
13.  (intr) (of paint) to become chalky; powder
14.  (tr) to spread chalk on (land) as a fertilizer
[Old English cealc, from Latin calx limestone, from Greek khalix pebble]

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Example sentences
These clear-plastic, accordion-pleated tubes of sweet red goo are topped by a
  human skull made of chalky yellow candy.
Have two students, each with two chalky erasers, stand outside the boundaries.
When the shaking stopped and emergency lights came on, the air was thick with a
  chalky haze of dust and concrete.
It began with new-looking suits and coats in chalky wool, with lightly nipped
  waists and rather full trousers.
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