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a learned borrowing from Latin meaning “killer,” “act of killing,” used in the formation of compound words:
pesticide, homicide.
late Middle English
late Middle English < Latin -cīda killer, -cīdium act of killing, derivatives of caedere to cut down, kill (in compounds -cīdere) Unabridged
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Examples for cide
  • The term label refers to the printed material attached to a pesticide container or a wrapper of a retail pesti cide package.
British Dictionary definitions for cide


combining form
indicating a person or thing that kills insecticide
indicating a killing; murder homicide
Derived Forms
-cidal, combining_form:in_adjective
Word Origin
from Latin -cīda (agent), -cīdium (act), from caedere to kill
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Word Origin and History for cide
"killer," from Fr. -cide, from L. -cida "cutter, killer, slayer," from -cidere, comb. form of caedere "to strike down, chop, beat, hew, fell, slay," from PIE *kae-id-, from base *(s)k(h)ai- "to strike" (Pokorny, not in Watkins; cf. Skt. skhidati "beats, tears," Lith. kaisti "shave.") For L. vowel change, see acquisition. The element also can represent "killing," from Fr. -cide, from L. -cidium "a cutting, a killing."
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cide in Medicine

-cide suff.

  1. Killer: bactericide.

  2. Act of killing: suicide.

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cide in Science
A suffix that means "a killer of." It is used to form the names of chemicals that kill a specified organism, such as pesticide, a chemical that kills pests.
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