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closed loop

noun, Computers, Electronics.
the complete path followed by a signal as it is fed back from the output of a circuit, device, or system to the input and then back to the output.
Compare feedback loop.


[klohzd-loop] /ˈkloʊzdˈlup/
adjective, Engineering
of or pertaining to a processing system in which effluents are recycled, that is, treated and returned for reuse.
of or pertaining to an automatic control system operating on a feedback principle.
Compare feedback (def 2).
1950-55 Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2014.
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Examples from the web for closed loop
  • She makes eye contact not with the viewer but with herself-watching herself watch herself, in an extended but closed loop.
  • It's the old marketing dream of synergy, turned into a closed loop of name-recognition feedback.
  • The weather is a closed loop, completed far above the surface by southerly winds.
  • Repeat after me: the banking system is a closed loop.
  • If so, this would mean that vital transactions were not scrutinised outside a closed loop of communications.
  • It is also possible that a time window could be opened up by a single string curved into a closed loop.
  • In a normally working reactor, such water is kept in a closed loop, and not exposed to the environment.
  • Out they spilled into the academic world, to become cited nicely in other journals and books, but it was an endless closed loop.
  • The algae are either grown in tanks or shallow ponds in either an open or closed loop system.

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