[klout] /klaʊt/
a blow, especially with the hand; cuff:
"The bully gave him a painful clout on the head."
Informal. pull; strong influence; muscle, especially political power:
"a wealthy campaign contributor with clout at city hall."
Baseball. a long hit, especially an extra-base hit:
"A hard clout to deep center field drove in the winning run."
  1. the mark or target shot at, especially in long-distance shooting.
  2. a shot that hits the mark.
Also called clout nail. a nail for attaching sheet metal to wood, having a short shank with a broad head.
  1. a patch or piece of cloth or other material used to mend something.
  2. any worthless piece of cloth; rag.
  3. an article of clothing (usually used contemptuously).
verb (used with object)
to strike, especially with the hand; cuff.
  1. to bandage.
  2. to patch; mend.
before 900; Middle English; Old English clūt piece of cloth or metal; cognate with Middle Low German klūte, Old Norse klūtr
Related forms
clouter, noun
British Dictionary definitions for clout nail
clout (klaʊt)
1.  informal a blow with the hand or a hard object
2.  power or influence, esp in politics
3.  archery
 a.  the target used in long-distance shooting
 b.  the centre of this target
 c.  a shot that hits the centre
4.  Also called: clout nail a short, flat-headed nail used esp for attaching sheet metal to wood
5.  dialect (Brit)
 a.  a piece of cloth: a dish clout
 b.  a garment
 c.  a patch
6.  informal to give a hard blow to, esp with the hand
7.  to patch with a piece of cloth or leather
[Old English clūt piece of metal or cloth, clūtian to patch (C14: to strike with the hand); related to Dutch kluit a lump, and to clod]

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Word Origin and History for clout nail
O.E. clut "lump of something," also "patch of cloth put over a hole to mend it," from P.Gmc. *klutaz. Sense of "a blow" is from early 14c., but the metaphor is obscure. Sense of "personal influence" is 1958.
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  1. A heavy blow : She gave him a clout on the snoot (1400+)
  2. Force; power; impact; punch : This wimpish paragraph lacks clout (1950s+)
  3. Influence or power, esp of a political sort : He has lots of friends in high places, but no clout (1950s+)
  1. To hit; strike; bash : My old man would have clouted the hell out of me (1890s+)
  2. To hit the ball, esp to hit it hard (1910+ Baseball)
  3. To steal, esp to shoplift or steal a car (1940s+)

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