verb (used with object), concentrated, concentrating.
to bring or draw to a common center or point of union; converge; direct toward one point; focus: to concentrate one's attention on a problem; to concentrate the rays of the sun with a lens.
to put or bring into a single place, group, etc.: The nation's wealth had been concentrated in a few families.
to intensify; make denser, stronger, or purer, especially by the removal or reduction of liquid: to concentrate fruit juice; to concentrate a sauce by boiling it down.
Mining. to separate (metal or ore) from rock, sand, etc., so as to improve the quality of the valuable portion.
verb (used without object), concentrated, concentrating.
to bring all efforts, faculties, activities, etc., to bear on one thing or activity (often followed by on or upon ): to concentrate on solving a problem.
to come to or toward a common center; converge; collect: The population concentrated in one part of the city.
to become more intense, stronger, or purer.
a concentrated form of something; a product of concentration: a juice concentrate.

1630–40; concentr(ic) + -ate2; compare French concentrer, Italian concentrare

concentrative [kon-suhn-trey-tiv, kuhn-sen-truh-] , adjective
concentrativeness, noun
concentrator, noun
nonconcentrative, adjective
nonconcentrativeness, noun
overconcentrate, verb, overconcentrated, overconcentrating.
preconcentrate, noun, verb, preconcentrated, preconcentrating.
reconcentrate, verb, reconcentrated, reconcentrating.
unconcentrative, adjective

1. See contract.

1. dissipate, disperse. 5. diverge. Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
concentrate (ˈkɒnsənˌtreɪt)
vb (often foll by on)
1.  to come or cause to come to a single purpose or aim: to concentrate one's hopes on winning
2.  to make or become denser or purer by the removal of certain elements, esp the solvent of a solution
3.  (tr) to remove rock or sand from (an ore) to make it purer
4.  to bring one's faculties to bear (on); think intensely (about)
5.  a concentrated material or solution: tomato concentrate
[C17: back formation from concentration, ultimately from Latin com- same + centrumcentre]

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Word Origin & History

1640, from concenter (1591), from It. concentrare, from L. com- "together" + centrum "center" (see center). Originally "to bring or come to a common center;" sense of "mental focus" is mid-19c.
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Computing Dictionary

concentrator definition

A device that combines the data streams from many simultaneously active inputs into one shared channel in such a way that the streams can be separated after transmission. The concentrator's output bandwidth must be at least as great as the total bandwidth of all simultaneously active inputs. A concentrator is one kind of multiplexing device.
For example, a concentrator may be used to connect 24 2400 bps TTYs to a host via a 57600 bps channel.

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