cookie jar

a jar or other container for storing cookies.
such a container used for storing money.
have one's hand in the cookie jar, Informal. to take or attempt to take advantage of one's position by demanding or accepting favors or bribes: They suspected the mayor's assistant had his hand in the cookie jar.

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cookie jar definition

1. An area of memory set aside for storing cookies. Most commonly heard in the Atari ST community; many useful ST programs record their presence by storing a distinctive magic number in the jar. Programs can inquire after the presence or otherwise of other programs by searching the contents of the jar.
2. A cracker term for the password file of a multi-user computer.
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Example sentences
It's as if someone gave you an inflated beach ball and said, here, pack this
  into a cookie jar.
Stop trying to get too many cookies out of the cookie jar at once.
Every politician has wet dreams of dipping his or her hand into the cookie jar
  at one stage or another.
It seems that the cookie monsters are too close to the cookie jar.
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