noun (usually used with a singular verb)
a game in which two dice are thrown and in which a first throw of 7 or 11 wins, a first throw of 2, 3, or 12 loses, and a first throw of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 can be won only by throwing the same number again before throwing a 7.

1835–45, Americanism; apparently < French craps, variant of crabs double-ace (lowest throw at hazard) < 18th-century E slang: plural of crab1 Unabridged


1 [krap]
an act of defecation.
Slang: Sometimes Vulgar.
nonsense; drivel.
falsehood, exaggeration, propaganda, or the like.
refuse; rubbish; junk; litter: Will you clean up that crap!
verb (used without object), crapped, crapping.
Vulgar. to defecate.
verb (used with object), crapped, crapping.
Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. to talk nonsense to; attempt to deceive.
Verb phrases
crap around, Slang: Sometimes Vulgar.
to behave in a foolish or silly manner.
to avoid work.
crap on, Slang: Sometimes Vulgar.
to treat badly, especially by humiliating, insulting, or slighting.
to cause misery, misfortune, or discomfort.
crap up, Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. to botch, ruin, or cheapen; make a mess of.

1375–1425; late Middle English crap chaff < Middle Dutch (not recorded until 16th century) krappe anything cut off or separated


2 [krap]
(in craps) a losing throw, in which the total on the two dice is 2, 3, or 12.
Verb phrases, past and past participle crapped, present participle crapping.
crap out,
Also called seven out. (in the game of craps) to throw a 7 rather than make one's point.
Slang. to abandon a project, activity, etc., because of fear, cowardice, exhaustion, loss of enthusiasm, etc.
Slang. to break a promise or fail to fulfill a duty or obligation; renege.

1835–45, Americanism; back formation from craps Unabridged
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World English Dictionary
crap1 (kræp)
1.  a losing throw in the game of craps
2.  another name for craps
[C20: back formation from craps]

crap2 (kræp)
1.  nonsense
2.  rubbish
3.  another word for faeces
vb , craps, crapping, crapped
4.  (intr) another word for defecate
usage  This word was formerly considered to be taboo, and it was labelled as such in previous editions of Collins English Dictionary. However, it has now become acceptable in speech, although some older or more conservative people may object to its use

craps (kræps)
1.  a gambling game using two dice, in which a player wins the bet if 7 or 11 is thrown first, and loses if 2, 3, or 12 is thrown
2.  shoot craps to play this game
[C19: probably from crabs lowest throw at dice, plural of crab1]

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Word Origin & History

"defecate" 1846 (v.), 1898 (n.), from one of a cluster of words generally applied to things cast off or discarded (e.g. "weeds growing among corn" (1425), "residue from renderings" (1490s), 18c. underworld slang for "money," and in Shropshire, "dregs of beer or ale"), all probably from M.E. crappe "grain
that was trodden underfoot in a barn, chaff" (c.1440), from M.Fr. crape "siftings," from O.Fr. crappe, from M.L. crappa, crapinum "chaff." Sense of "rubbish, nonsense" also first recorded 1898. Despite folk etymology insistence, not from Thomas Crapper (1837-1910) who was, however, a busy plumber and may have had some minor role in the development of modern toilets. The name Crapper is a northern form of Cropper (attested from 1221), an occupational surname, obviously, but the exact reference is unclear.

1843, Amer. Eng., unrelated to the term for excrement, from Louisiana Fr. craps, from Fr., corruption of Eng. crabs (see crab), 18c. slang for "a throw of two or three," which is perhaps from the crab sense in crab apple.
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Slang Dictionary

crap definition

  1. n.
    dung; feces. (Often used as a milder replacement for shit. Usually objectionable.) : There's dog crap on my lawn!
  2. in.
    to defecate. (Usually objectionable.) : Your dog crapped on my lawn!
  3. n.
    nonsense; lies. (See also BS.) : Stop talking crap and get serious!
  4. n.
    junk; shoddy merchandise. : Send this crap back. I won't pay for it!
Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions by Richard A. Spears.Fourth Edition.
Copyright 2007. Published by McGraw-Hill Education.
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Example sentences
The misconception is that almost all poker players are those who are gambling
  addicts who also do slot machines and craps.
Having seen gamblers do certain rituals and then get on a roll while playing
  craps makes me wonder.
The blacks and the eunuchs were always shooting craps.
Otherwise sane people gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars at the
  craps and roulette tables.
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