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[path, pahth]
noun, plural paths [pathz, pahthz, paths, pahths] .
a way beaten, formed, or trodden by the feet of persons or animals.
a narrow walk or way: a path through a garden; a bicycle path.
a route, course, or track along which something moves: the path of a hurricane.
a course of action, conduct, or procedure: the path of righteousness.
Mathematics. a continuous curve that connects two or more points.
Computers. the sequence of steps that a computer follows in carrying out a routine, as in storing and retrieving a file at a specific location.
cross one's path, to encounter or meet unexpectedly: Tragedy crossed our path again.

before 900; Middle English; Old English pæth; cognate with German Pfad

multipath, noun
outpath, noun

1. footpath, pathway. Path lane trail are passages or routes not as wide as a way or road. A path is a way for passing on foot; a track, beaten by feet, not specially constructed, is often along the side of a road: a path through a field. A lane is a narrow road or track, generally between fields, often enclosed with fences or trees; sometimes it is an alley or narrow road between buildings in towns: a lane leading to a farmhouse; Drury Lane. A trail is a rough way made or worn through woods, or across mountains, prairies, or other untraveled regions: an Indian trail. Unabridged
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path (pɑːθ)
n , pl paths
1.  a road or way, esp a narrow trodden track
2.  a surfaced walk, as through a garden
3.  the course or direction in which something moves: the path of a whirlwind
4.  a course of conduct: the path of virtue
5.  computing the directions for reaching a particular file or directory, as traced hierarchically through each of the parent directories usually from the root; the file or directoryand all parent directories are separated from one another in the path by slashes
[Old English pæth; related to Old High German, German Pfad]

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Word Origin & History

O.E. paþ, pæþ, from W.Gmc. *patha- (cf. O.Fris. path, M.Du. pat, Du. pad, O.H.G. pfad, Ger. Pfad "path"), of unknown origin. In Scotland and Northern England, commonly a steep ascent of a hill or in a road.
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Medical Dictionary

-path suff.

  1. A practitioner of a specified kind of medical treatment: naturopath.

  2. One affected by a specified kind of disorder: sociopath.

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