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[kruhm-ee] /ˈkrʌm i/
adjective, crummier, crummiest.
Also, crumby. Slang.
  1. dirty and run-down; shabby; seedy:
    a crummy fleabag of a hotel.
  2. of little or no value; cheap; worthless:
    crummy furniture that falls apart after a month of use.
  3. wretchedly inadequate; miserable; lousy:
    They pay crummy salaries.
noun, plural crummies.
Railroads Slang. a caboose.
Origin of crummy1
1855-60; perhaps obsolete crum crooked (see crummie) + -y1; sense “caboose” of unclear derivation and perhaps a distinct word
Related forms
crummily, adverb
crumminess, noun


[kruhm-ee, kroo m-ee] /ˈkrʌm i, ˈkrʊm i/
noun, plural crummies. Chiefly Scot.
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Examples from the web for crummy
  • There are also lots of crummy copies of good pruners on the market.
  • What a way a crummy way to treat adjunct faculty who have credentials.
  • But economic forecasts have a crummy record of forecasting reality.
  • It's true, the media has done a crummy job of exposing our government's approval of torture.
  • The crummy part of swimming, the author notes, is that while you're doing it you can't really see much.
  • Global warming is in full swing and even rich people have to eat crummy food.
  • Unrealism reflects an entire generation's conviction that the world they have inherited is a crummy second-rate duplicate.
  • It's a crummy situation, and there's no combination of policy proposals or speeches that can get you out of it.
  • If you're crummy at math you can thank your slothful wheat- and corn-growing ancestors who slept through the long, cold winter.
  • What would be offensive, in their view, would be to write a crummy song.
British Dictionary definitions for crummy


adjective (slang) -mier, -miest
of little value; inferior; contemptible
unwell or depressed: to feel crummy
Word Origin
C19: variant spelling of crumby


noun (pl) -mies
(Canadian) a lorry that carries loggers to work from their camp
Word Origin
probably originally meaning: makeshift camp, from crummy1
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Word Origin and History for crummy

1560s, "easily crumbled;" 1570s, "like bread," from crumb + -y (2). The second sense probably accounts for 18c. (and later in dialects) use, of a woman, "attractively plump, full-figured, buxom." Slang meaning "shoddy, filthy, inferior, poorly made" in use by 1859, probably is from the first sense, but influenced by crumb in its slang sense of "louse."

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Slang definitions & phrases for crummy


  1. Infested with body lice; lousy (1850s+)
  2. Loathsome; disgusting; lousy: I'd be dead of the dirty monotony around this crummy neighborhood (1850s+)
  3. Of inferior quality; shoddy; cheap: This crumby razor doesn't work/ Where'd you get that crummy camera? (1850s+)

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