capable of delivery.
something that can be done, especially something that is a realistic expectation: The corporation says that making a profit this year is a deliverable.
something, as merchandise, that is or can be delivered, especially to fulfill a contract: All deliverables are to be shipped within 30 days.

1745–55; deliver + -able

deliverability, noun
undeliverable, adjective Unabridged
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deliver (dɪˈlɪvə)
vb (often foll by over or up) (foll by of)
1.  to carry (goods, etc) to a destination, esp to carry and distribute (goods, mail, etc) to several places: to deliver letters; our local butcher delivers
2.  to hand over, transfer, or surrender
3.  (often foll by from) to release or rescue (from captivity, harm, corruption, etc)
4.  (also intr)
 a.  to aid in the birth of (offspring)
 b.  to give birth to (offspring)
 c.  (usually foll by of) to aid or assist (a female) in the birth (of offspring)
 d.  to give birth (to offspring)
5.  to utter or present (a speech, oration, idea, etc)
6.  See deliver deliver the goods
7.  to utter (an exclamation, noise, etc): to deliver a cry of exultation
8.  to discharge or release (something, such as a blow or shot) suddenly
9.  chiefly (US) to cause (voters, constituencies, etc) to support a given candidate, cause, etc: can you deliver the Bronx?
10.  deliver oneself of to speak with deliberation or at length: to deliver oneself of a speech
11.  informal deliver the goods to produce or perform something promised or expected
[C13: from Old French delivrer, from Late Latin dēlīberāre to set free, from Latin de- + līberāre to free]

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Main Entry:  deliverable
Part of Speech:  n
Definition:  something that is to be delivered according to agreement; by extension, a task that one is responsible for delivering's 21st Century Lexicon
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Example sentences
He is the government's wage guru, and he is specifically saying that what we're suggesting is doable and deliverable.
Various topics of the students choice were discussed, and a independent study project was the deliverable.
The purpose of this update is to amend the criteria used for separating consideration in the multiple-deliverable arrangements.
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