Main Entry:  dianetics
Part of Speech:  n
Definition:  a theory devised by L.Ron Hubbard to explain the functions of the human mind and the relief of psychosomatic illness, based on the concept of an engram; it was published in 1950 and is also called dianetic therapy
Etymology:  Greek dia + nous 'through soul'
Usage:  trademark's 21st Century Lexicon
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Word Origin & History

1950, coined by U.S. writer L. Ron Hubbard, an alteration of dianoetic (1677) "of or pertaining to thought," from Gk. dianoetikos, from dianoetos, verbal adj. from dianoe-esthai "to think," from dia- "through" + noe-ein "to think, suppose."
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Example sentences for dianetics
Dianetics is also practiced by independent groups, collectively called the free zone.
He emphasizes the discovery of the engram is entirely the property of dianetics.
Few scientific investigations into the effectiveness of dianetics have been published.
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