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a theory devised by L.Ron Hubbard to explain the functions of the human mind and the relief of psychosomatic illness, based on the concept of an engram; it was published in 1950 and is also called dianetic therapy

Word Origin

Greek dia + nous 'through soul'

Usage Note

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Examples from the web for dianetics
  • dianetics is also practiced by independent groups, collectively called the free zone.
  • He emphasizes the discovery of the engram is entirely the property of dianetics.
  • Few scientific investigations into the effectiveness of dianetics have been published.
Word Origin and History for dianetics

1950, coined by U.S. writer Latin Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), an alteration of dianoetic (1670s) "of or pertaining to thought," from Greek dianoetikos "of or for thinking; intellectual," from dianoetos, verbal adjective from dianoe-esthai "to think," from dia- "through" (see dia-) + noe-ein "to think, suppose."

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